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Electric kettle shave become the most popular and efficient devices to heat or boil water all over the world. They have a lot going for them. First things first, they heat water quickly and are energy efficient. In newer models you can even control the temperature of the water, a feature every coffee and tea lover wouldn’t take for granted. Sounds better yet? They have an automatic shut off, so you don’t need to worry if you are boiling water and get distracted by an emergency. So why do you have to wait until next winter to get yourself something that keeps hot water available? Simply browse through the exhaustive range of amazing electric heaters at Hitshop.pk, grab yourself one today and have it delivered at your doorstep for free!

Our Kettle Heaters’ World Travel Kettle

Have you been shopping around for a reasonable kettle heater?Hitshop.pkhas a giant selection of water kettles, tea makers, coffee makers, espresso makers, travel Tea Kettle  and more that will spruce your kitchen without breaking the bank. We offer a one stop destination for all buyers in Pakistan, by centrally hosting all the electric kettles from famous manufacturers in the world. With popular brands such as Westpoint, Philips, Nova, Moulinex, Sencor, Sinbor, Anex, and Cambridge, just to mention a few, you can never go wrong with us.

in Stock 0.5 litre Electric Tea Kettle

What Should You Look for in an Electric Kettle?

Electric kettle heaterscan be very useful devices as they don’t have to be placed on a stove topto boil. You can just plug it anywhere as long as you have an outlet. However for you to be on the safe side, get a device that has advanced capabilities and features. Here are some ideas that will help you make a perfect choice.

Total capacity of the kettle: Most kettles in the market today will have different capacities ranging from 0.5 to 4 liters. Hipshop.pk gives you the freedom to choose a kettle that best suits your needs. With our collection of mini kettlesthat have the unique one cup indicator feature, you can boil only the water you need, without using too much of your kitchen space. However if you will be using the kettle to serve a large group of friends, our Halft 0.5 litre Kettle 1 liter to 1.7 liter kettles heaterswould be a perfect option for you.

Power source:Is the base of the kettle corded or cordless? One of the things that mostly annoys the users while pouring water from the kettle is the cord getting on their way. Hitshop.pk offers a wide range of cordlesskettles to choose from for people who find cords a nuisance. Also, most of our new models have a separate base so you can lift and carry your kettle away without being disturbed by the cord.

Spout: Water boiling and spilling on your counter could be so irritating. In addition, it could be dangerous if the hot water spills on your hands or near the cord or base. Having a kettle that has a non-spill spout that safeguards against this risk is very important. Purchasing our electric kettles that have good spout filling gets you covered.

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