Breast Enlargement Pump

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Breast Enlargement Pump

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Feature: Blood Vessels Removal, Breast Enhancers, Other
Operation System: Suction
Color: White color
Material: hard plastic
Function: Breast enlargement
Function 01: Rechargeable device
voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 15W
How Electric Breast Enlargement Pump Works
1.  Breast care: Breast pluming & lifting, Correct nipple & chest, Recover breast elasticity, Patter breast care, Microelectricity intensity display
2. Facial care: Face thinning, Remove nose black head, acne, dark eye circle, eye bag, blood marks, double thin, lifting canthus
3. Back care: Negative pressure metabolism, Remove measles, Press cavity, Toxin excrete, Tighten skin, Improve skin elasticity, Lymphs toxin removal
4. Fatness care: Losing weight, Slimming, Tightening abdomens, Slimming waist
5. Figure care: Mold figure and make your figure more beautiful
Rechargable Breast Enlargement Pump
Additional Features:
Vibration massage
Crystal photon
Electric Breast Enlargement Pump in Karachi , Breast Enlargement Pump in Lahore , Breast Enlargement Pump in Quetta , Breast Enlargement Pump in hyderabad , Breast Enlargement Pump in sialkot , Breast Enlargement Pump in Rawalpindi , Breast Enlargement Pump in sargodha , Breast Enlargement Pump in Raiwind , Breast Enlargement Pump in peshawar , Breast Enlargement Pump in mirpur khas , Breast Enlargement Pump gujranwala
Breast dysplasia, flat-breast person
Breast feeding mothers and their children who breast-flat or intense exercise, resulting in relaxation of breast ptosis, external expansion person
Injection of needle withdrawal of milk, causing breast shrinkage or inverted nipple, breast deformation of person Caused by improper bra breast compression deformation, were outside the expanding
For age
19-28 years old (breast development): adjustment function of the breast to enhance breast growth helping breasts be fully developed
29-38 years old (breast stagnation):  activation of breast tissue, so that the breast toward vibrant, full, firm and flexibility.
Above 39 years old: (breast recession): prevention of breast organizational function degradation and atrophy of lesions, implementation of functional reconstruction of the breast. 

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