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Sony PlayStation®2





  • PlayStation®2, the very best in home entertainment, is sleeker, smaller and more stylish than ever before - and comes in two gorgeous colours, Charcoal Black and Satin Silver.
  • But this dazzling downsizing has not extended to the consoles superb range of features. PlayStation®2 still has the same awesome processing power, the same immense, diverse library of great games, the same fantastic DVD and CD-playing capabilities, the same stunning versatility... In short, PlayStation®2 offers the same amazing array of entertainment possibilities in a single, simple to use console.

In fact, PlayStation®2 manages to squeeze even more into its svelte, lightweight frame; the newly-integrated NETWORK connector gives you the power to directly hook your console up to a broadband Internet connection and take a variety of network-enabled games and applications online. It is possible to compete, cooperate or even chat with fellow PlayStation®2 owners across Australia and, in some cases, the rest of the world.

  • An essential addition to any home, PlayStation®2 will open your eyes to a whole new world of entertainment.

PlayStation®2 is home to an unmatched library of games, many of which are totally exclusive titles. Groundbreaking, award-winning games series such as Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Raccoon, The Getaway, SingStar, and the ever-expanding range of EyeToy-compatible titles will never appear on anything other than a PlayStation® console. Whether you are after an in-depth challenge, a quick fix of accessible, sociable fun - or anything in between - PlayStation®2 is the only choice that counts

  • Additionally, if you are upgrading to PlayStation®2 from PS one®, the console plays virtually all existing PlayStation® (PS one®) titles. Using PlayStation®2s additional power, it is also possible to enhance both the loading times and visuals of these older games
  • PlayStation®2 is compatible with a startling selection of accessories that have been designed to enhance every aspect of your experience, be it innovative immersive peripherals (EyeToy), game-boosting gadgets (G-con 2, Multitap), handy time-saving devices (Memory Card, DVD Remote Control), or the extensive choice of audio-visual-enhancing cables
  • Aside from being a powerful games machine, PlayStation®2 can play music CDs and also features a fully-functioning DVD player. Take time out from playing to sit back and enjoy your favourite films and TV shows, with all the benefits that the DVD format brings - superior picture and sound quality, bonus material and, for families, Parental Lock security functions
  • In addition, if you are the owner of a home cinema (surround sound) system, the console features a Digital Out (Optical) connector, allowing you to reap the aural benefits offered by Dolby Digital or DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) audio

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