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Car Fuel Saver

Magnetic Car Fuel Saver ~ saves on fuel and money? My friend recommended me to use this car fuel saver during petrol price spiked like hell. So I ordered 2 car fuel savers to test. It just arrived last month. The petrol price already back to normal rate. Am I too late to install this car fuel saver?


Benefits of this car fuel saver

1. Guaranteed mileage improvement
Travel 10% – 20% MORE for the same amount of petrol. Time to save some serious money, and even more when fuel price increases!

2. Increased horsepower (power booster)
Expect extra punches of a-few-more horsepower for that easy overtaking and hill climbing experience.

3. Reduced visible black smog and toxic gas emission (save our world)
About 50% REDUCTION in toxic gas (carbon monoxide – CO), smog (nitrogen oxide – NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) emission from vehicles.

4. Smoother engine operation (less vibration & noise)
Get back the power especially in cold morning drive. Feel a remarkable reduction in jerking as smoother power is delivered.

5. Easy engine startup
The most immediate sensation to be experienced → easy engine startup.

6. Cleans your engine
Amazingly cleans carbon depositions in the fuel line, carburetor/fuel injectors and engine that has been built-up over the years. Depending on engine conditions, this can take between 500km to 2,000km of “driving-in” time. This results in higher fuel economy and restoring the engine like brand new.

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